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Your Cannabis Supply Chain Solution for a reliable supply of ingredients at a reduced cost

Why is cannabis supply chain management critical for you?

With federal legalization of marijuana, brands are now forced to introduce a new line of cannabis-infused products or lose out on a large demographic. DEX can offer users the capabilities to adapt to a fast-changing, complex legal landscape, regardless of where they operate.

Cannabis will soon replace alcohol as the drug of choice for recreational use.


The Problems

The DeX Solution

In an ever-changing landscape as the cannabis industry grows, DEX-CLD can offer users the capabilities to adapt to a fast-changing, complex legal landscape, regardless of which state they operate within the U.S. as well as different countries having varying laws applying to the legality, use, distribution, and growth of cannabis.


For Private Equity Funds


We provide the perfect entry and management solutions for PE funds to enter the Cannabis market.

PE funds have to study the challenges faced by those in the cannabis industry, and their struggles with compliance, positioning, licensing, technology, and optimal facility design. We help PE funds anticipate a problem before it arises. Our specialty covers the following areas:


What problems do we solve for PE Funds?

Investors poured $16 billion into the North American marijuana industry in 2019. It is expected to touch 22 billion this year. The states of Colorado, Washington, Nevada, and California combined offered over 3500 marijuana brands in 2019.

While over 80% of all the marijuana sale in the US is right now illegal, legal weed sales are set to more than quintuple.


It is going to be a forever service sector industry with profit margins of 25-30%.


Why PE investors & CEOs love us!

Who we are

DispensaryExchange is a network of Cannabis professionals with years of expertise helping:




Testing Labs







We decided to use our knowledge to build a lateral exchange for marijuana procurement.

We have already built the largest cannabis database in US & Canada. We are in the perfect position to build a lateral (virtual) exchange that will benefit farmers and corporations alike.

We are building a nationwide exchange to help the F&B industry procure standardized and tested raw material for their cannabis infused products, enabling corporations to buy directly from farmers, resulting in better pricing and faster procurement.

Our Team

Why Us


We have plans to suit all requirements. Select the one that is the best fit for you, or schedule a meeting with our experts if you are unable to decide what you need.

Enterprise plans with supply chain solutions for large corporations. Please note that due to the high rate of enquiries, our consultants may take up to 2 weeks to help you identify the right fit.

Enterprise Plans

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